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Use Google Tag Manager and install Chatsimple on your website.

Install Chatsimple On Your Website using Google Tag Manager

Welcome to the Chatsimple installation guide! Follow these step-by-step instructions to seamlessly integrate our chatbot into your website using GTM. Whether you're using plain HTML or popular frameworks like React.js and Next.js, we have you covered!

Step 1: Sign into Google

Sign in to your Google account. Go to the Google Tag Manager home and click on the Create Account button.

Step 2: Account and Container name

Enter the Account and Container name. Choose the target platform to web and click on Continue.

Read through the GTM Terms of Service, click Yes to accept them and continue.

Step 3: Copy Google Code

You will get a container with a code snippet. Copy the code and paste it into all pages of your site in the recommended places. This works best if you can follow exactly as GTM recommends.

Click ok to close and finish setting up the GTM and your first container.

Step 4: Log into Chatsimple

Log into Chatsimple and visit the Chatsimple Dashboard and click on Embed with Iframe and GTM. Copy the code snippet near the bottom that pops up to your clipboard.

Step 5: Google Tag Manager Home

In the Google Tag Manager Home, click on the New Tag tile.

Then, click on the Tag Configuration tile and select Custom HTML from the tags list.

Step 6: Paste Chatsimple Code

Paste the Chatsimple Snippet you copied earlier to the HTML field.

Click on the Triggering tile and select All pages from the tags list. After you add the trigger, hit the save button on the right. Name the tag and hit Save.

Step 8: Publish

Once you're back in GTM's home, click on the Publish button to apply the changes. If you wish, you can use GTM's preview feature to test what our bot will look like on your website before deployment.

Make sure to give GTM the same URL that you pasted in the Google Tag Manager code in earlier if you wish to preview.

Celebrate 🎉

You've successfully added Chatsimple to your site! Enjoy engaging with your visitors through intelligent, real-time conversations.

If you want to find out more about GTM and all of its features, please see this great article!

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