AI Chatbot for Webflow. Install Chatsimple and get started!

Install Chatsimple on Webflow Websites

Elevate your Webflow site with the personalized engagement of Chatsimple's AI-powered chatbot. Follow these simple steps to integrate Chatsimple into your Webflow website in under 2 minutes!

Step 1: Access Your Dashboard

Visit the Chatsimple Dashboard (https://app.chatsimple.ai) to find the unique script for embedding the chatbot on your site.

Step 2: Locate and Copy the Code

In the β€œAdd to Website” section of the dashboard, click the β€œCopy” button to copy the script to your clipboard.

"Add to Website" section of the dashboard

Step 3: Log In to Your Webflow Account

Access your Webflow account where you'll be integrating the Chatsimple code.

Step 4: Navigate to Site Settings

  1. Visit Site Settings.

  2. Click on the Custom Code tab.

Step 5: Paste the Chatsimple Code

Paste the Chatsimple code you copied earlier in the Head Code Section.

<!-- Other HTML code here -->
<!-- Paste the Chatsimple code here -->
<script src="URL_OF_THE_SCRIPT"></script>

Step 6: Save Your Changes

Click Save changes to finalize the integration. Refresh your Webflow site and check to see the Chatsimple widget. It should appear as expected.

Celebrate πŸŽ‰

Success! Your Webflow website is now empowered with Chatsimple, providing real-time, AI-driven interactions with your visitors.

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