⚙️Configure Chatsimple - AI Nav

Set up Chatsimple AI Nav in simple steps.

00:01 Create the AI Agent 00:48 Mock representation of AI Agent on your website 01:47 Dashboard I Insights I Statistics I Response/Message Used I Set response limit 03:14 Deploy Chatsimple on websites I Wordpress I Wix I General I Webflow 03:59 Manage teams and members with read, write and admin permission 04:48 Customize the AI Agent look and feel I See AI Nav vs Widget 06:17 Change prompt questions or suggested questions 07:37 Lead capture /contact form optimization I Delay contact form pop-up 09:01 Filter visitor based on condition. Is the visitor A or B? 09:18 Customize your main Call To Action (CTA) button 10:17 Remove Chatsimple Branding I Whitelabel Add On

00:01 Try the AI Agent 00:12 Clear previous conversation for internal testing 00:42 Train the AI agent with your knowledge base. URLs, PDFs, CSV, DOC, TXT and Sitemap 02:40 Automatic daily retraining of URLs if you have dynamic content 03:59 Train with text for quick content updation 05:11 Set business goals and objectives. Funnel the conversation toward your business goals 08:05 Get lead qualification insights. Understand your website visitors better 10:03 Disable the contact form when collecting leads info through conversation 11:12 Email follow up on your website leads and lead them to take an action

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